Friday, April 06, 2007

We're friends for a reason

Well, im back at school and counting down the days. Still waiting for a yearbook, but that is another ranting for another day. i am also not going to complain about shirt sleeves, although its true that all of our sleeves in the super cute picture to the left of this paragraph are now considered unacceptable. Nor am i going to express my irritation with the fact that we have to be out of our dorm this week 45 min before there is anything to do (which would be great if i had a boyfriend to talk to the whole time...but o well :-p).

Today i am thankful for the things God has given me here. This post has come about because today in chapel (which had to have the most announcements ever recorded in a college chapel), Dr. Sexton had us tell the person next to us the one thing we loved about Crown the most. I grabbed Amber's arm and told her that the thing i am most thankful for here are my friends. They make this place bearable. Although being friends with two Ambers can make life a little more confusing sometimes, i wouldn't trade 'em for the world. I can't say i've ever had friends quite like them, but then i don't think there are many ppl like them in the world...i mean if there were two heathers, they might blow up the world. :-p Even if God just brought me here to meet would be worth it...but you guys better not break, i paid a lot of money for you, and i don't think there is a return policy. I'm really blessed that i have more than one best friend!!

Amber: You are going to make the best nurse ever!! I know you are going to do awesome next year at IPFW, but maybe i can stop by on my way to maranatha.

Lauren: no matter what you decide you are going to excell...but you better come home to visit, and if you ever get a pet dolphin i want to meet it.

Amber: You are one of the most musical ppl i know, and you are going to do great! And you'll be an awesome piano teacher...if your students hang on for more than one lesson.

Heather: If you don't blow up this world, you are going to be the coolest science teacher ever, but i don't recommend pig stomachs for middle school age...

Keep in touch next year!!

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