Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Around my mind and back again

Another week is upon us...and im just tired. This week is Missions Conference which is great. This is definitely the biggest missions conference i have ever seen with about 45 missionary families present. It really is amazing to see it all.

So the highlights of my week so far. Well there was church on Sunday. When one of the guys i go to church with asked the kids how many gods there are, a little boy answered...three, Peter, James and John. Then Monday morning, between my super roommates, we had an alarm going off every 5 blessed minutes from 5:15 to 6:45. I was very tempted to rewire their various alarm systems (or in other words break their cell phones). Then something very exciting happened on Monday. The wonderful people of WCBC managed to surprise me with the college care Walmart gift card. Usually i know when it's coming because sneaky little me reads the bulletins they send me, but the didnt put it in the bulletin this time, so it was a total surprise! Hmmm...so its tuesday and nothing spectacular or noteworthy has occured so far....o wait, my dad did call me and tell me that there is a possibility of him going to California with the red cross to help with disaster relief, but thats all. I hope any of you dedicated readers (if any of you are left) have had a wonderful week!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Mid-point of the Semester

So a few new things have happened in my life...i got my hair cut...like 7 inches off, and i got my new phone...woowoo!! Let's see, what else....O, Im getting an A in psych!!! That's extremely exciting to me. Im doing well in all my classes but that was the one that seemed to give me some trouble. This semester is hitting the mid-point, and im starting to hit the "I WANNA GO HOME" point, not that i don't love it here...i do. i just want to go see everyone for like a weekend and come back. Hopefully Christmas comes fast enough. Don't really have a ton of time, but i thought i'd put some pics up here since i can't put them on facebook too often
Yep...its me with my new hair...
These are the ppl i go to church with on Wednesdays...aaron was trying to get all of us in on his phone.
Here's my crazy group after Fall Festival...Rachel thinks she looks like a nun...

Look we took a nice one!!

We had a little too much fun...

Tuesday, October 02, 2007


I used to think i wasn't the sentimental type, but within the past few years i have repeatedly seen a thread of sentimentalism running through my mind. I pushed it away until today when i was forced to see the harsh reality that i am senimental to my core. It's spirit week here at school, and after day one (Home state day), it has been a lot of fun. Well, as tomorrow is out of style, and you all know that i don't own anything that could be considered out of style (riiight)...Heidi, Rachel, Amy, and i headed out to find each of us the hideous fashion don't we would be willing to wear in front of our classmates. I found a great 90's sweatshirt at our first stop for a dollar, and against my better judgment i bought it. It really looks like someone threw up highlighter all over it, and it induces the gag reflex on sight. When we reached our second stop, i wasn't looking for anything...on my budget, the dollar was pushing it. Anway, i was walking through the aisles, wandering aimlessly, and laughing at Amy, heidi, and rachel, when something caught my eye. On a shelf full of stuffed animals marked 25 cents sat a little "Miss Piggy" plush. I'm sure many ppl had walked by the same shelf and even seen the same plush, but my mind was screaming at me faster than my hands could reach for it. This very plush was exactly the same as one of the set of 4 that my grandfather had bought me as a 1 1/2 year old little girl. I had to buy the plush, but as i looked up, there staring back at me was Fozzie. Then i had them 2 of the very toys that my grandfather had bought me from McDonalds. So 53 cents later, i am the proud owner of a piece of my childhood, and the knowledge that i am about as sentimental as they come.

Here are some pics of school so far!
Rachel and i taking a pic with our duckies at walmart
This is me at ShopKo...in the...uhhh...crafty disguise section
Rachel and i on Home state day...yeah we made our shirts they're pretty much awesome

Me, Rachel, Amy, and Heidi in our homemade Home State day shirts after we got back for thrift stores.