Saturday, March 29, 2008

Hives aren't just for bees...

So yesterday started out great. I woke up on time, understood what my probs and stats class was all about, got a mocha in chapel because of peter and ryan's last minute run to speedway, and didn't really feel like killing myself after my other four classes. I got to work, not only on time but a with a few minutes to spare, and there i found out i only had two kids. Then i got to combine with the class that i used to work in, and i miss. I was pretty happy about all of it. At around 3:30, i brought the kids in for snack. I had the fourteen of them wash their hands and sit down at the table. The only problem was i had gotten a misquito bite on my chin while we were outside...but o well. It was probably the easiest snack transition i have ever had. I passed out snack, peanut butter and crackers or pretzels, and gave each kid a glass of water. Thats when i noticed that my arms were a little itchy, but i didn't really pay attention. Then, i took off my arms were bright red and splotchy. I was breaking out in something and it scared the fire outta me. So, i called down one of the ladies i work with, and she took one look at me and told me i was breaking out in hives, and i needed to go to the health center immediately. She went to get a girl to come in my room, so i could leave. I started getting a little shaky, prolly just because of the shock of breaking out in hives and my mind not really understanding what was going on. I left for the healthcenter and the nurse told me i had an allergic reaction to something. Well...duh. I got benadryl and went back to work...four hours later i broke out again...and this morning...and just now after dinner.... And here are some's my arm after two benadryl when i was at work yesterday...
and here's my arm right now...

Thursday, March 27, 2008

My plans for the rest of my life...

College. Pre-registration packets were distributed today, and i was once again assured that i am going to be here for the rest of my natural life. I guess it makes sense because i have absolutely no idea what i'm planning on doing for rest of my life if i actually did graduate. So for now, my plans include continuing in school forever, maybe getting an apartment in Watertown, and living out my days in the cold and frozen forsaken land that is wisconsin. To make matters slightly more frustrating, no classes are fitting because i'm a transfer student. O well....time for homework...the last thing i need is to fail and have to take classes over...

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Jesus loves me...

So we sang a pretty profound song in chapel yesterday. It's a song i sing every Sunday, yet there are times it just hits me what its really saying. It's Jesus Loves Me. How simple is the truth that He does, and how amazing. Ok, so right now im going to rewrite the prolly won't be all that great, but its my blog and i can do whatever i want :-)

Jesus loves me despite my sin
When i let the world come in
He who died to set me free
Has to watch me live for me

Jesus loves me i know its true
He shows it every day anew
Yet i live life my own way
Never pausing just to pray.

Jesus loves me when i fall
And He watches over all
He picks me up and heals my pain
Then lets me down to try again

Jesus loves me and i pray
For desire to serve Him every day
Help me to my Lord be true
Serving Him in all i do.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Quick RUN!!! this is gonna be a serious post!!

**Disclaimer: im deep in thought and indescribably thankful, although i don't really understand.

Last night at church, i got hit hard with something that i've always seen but never really appreciated before. Why is it in a time when so many Christians get out of the will of God, God has allowed me to stay protected from the dangers and ravages of sin. Why, when so many people have wandered away, has He kept me right with Him? Why, when there were times that i didn't care and i wanted to do my own thing, did He not let me stray? Why, when some Christians have been so much stronger than i, has He allowed them to fall, and i haven't? Why have some parents tried and battled to keep their kids on the right path only to see them follow a different path, and my parents have never really battled, and yet i'm serving God. It really doesn't seem fair. But the thing about grace is it makes life not fair.

Then, it all makes me a little nervous. If some of the strongest Christians i know have fallen, why can't i fall? I can, and that scares me. I can start to wander down a path that leads me to some serious hurt. One incident and i can be falling down a mountain of sin, getting battered and bruised the whole way down. I don't understand why God has protected me this far. I don't understand why the same people who kept me accountable growing up and through my first few years of college are the ones now that i'm praying for a turn around in their lives. Just to let you all know, when you turn from God, it does hurt. It hurts God. It breaks His heart, but He's not going to strong arm you into loving him because then thats not really love at all. It hurts me. It kills me to see friends going down the wrong path, to know they know the right way, and they don't even care. It hurts you. You might not see it now, and you probably don't care, but someday, hopefully before whatever you're doing kills you, you're gong to turn around and see the wreck you've made of your life and you're going to wish you could have started over. I have so many people i'm writing this for...most of whom will never read it. And if you are reading this and you're in my place, be careful, don't let Satan pull you down...

Thomas, you'll never read this but this was for u
Ok, serious post over...spring break continues to be amazing!!!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Spring Bliss

I've been home for a few days, and i have yet to post about my adventures, so here it goes. I finally got home sunday. And i stress finally... my flight got cancelled on friday and delayed several hours on saturday. I finally made it into a snowy columbus on saturday night on what my dad informed me was one of only 10% of flights that they even let land in that made me feel pretty special. Then we had to stay another night in Columbus because the roads were in pretty sad shape. So early sunday morning we pulled out and started on our way home. We made it into Erie around 2pm and headed out to lunch for my dad's birthday, now a day late because of the delays caused by Columbus's terrible weather. I finally got to go to good old wcbc for church that night, and i was super excited to see every one. We had an awesome activity, and charles went home and got super sick. Then monday night, with charles finally feeling better, we headed out to our church basketball game...and they won!!! Tuesday (today), i got up and said goodbye to my bro :-( and then went and ordered my bridesmaid's dress for amber's wedding :-) Finally i ended the day today (or at least the eventful part) by going to a basketball game and burger king with mark and one of his friends. so there's my spring break in a nutshell...its been fun...

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Give me a (spring) break!

What kind of teacher schedules a test on the first day of spring break?? That is the question i am asking myself right now. Tomorrow, after classes, i leave for spring break, but first, two of my teachers have decided its the perfect day to have a test. So, i should be studying, but am i? Of course not, im going home for spring break tomorrow. Probability and statistics and National government are the farthest things from my mind. Instead, i have to think about packing and white glove, and going to the mall on saturday, and all those other fun things i get to do. I'm spending more time making plans than learning the political process. I am packing more than figuring out the equations of probability. And, i am sitting here blogging instead of filling out study guides.

Anyway, i'm going home tomorrow!!!!! I seriously can't wait, but unfortunately i have to go study....ugh...this is cruel and unusual

Saturday, March 01, 2008

No one warned me about growing up...

With Spring break just six and a half days away, i am trying desperately to regain the health that i am trying to recall once enjoying. Other than all of that, life is good. Actually life is great. I actually feel like i am starting to live (except for feeling like death, but thats another story). I don't really do much; i just feel more alive this year than any year i can remember in the past. I feel like i am doing something with my life, despite the fact that it appears that i am accomplishing nothing when it comes to school work. It's taken me this long to actually start feeling all grown up. I've gone through my whole life always thinking the "grown ups" were a few years ahead of me. Suddenly, i woke up and i was there. It's a scary thought being responsible for your own life. Now, your debts are yours, your responsibilities are yours, and if you mess up, it's not someone else's fault for not being there. You're supposed to be an adult. You're supposed to be able to handle this. There are still times i don't WANT to handle it. I want to have the easy pass off of...well they said. That's when people expect you to have evaluated the decision and make the right one regardless of what you've been told, and let me tell you that is a scary proposition. How in the world to people expect you to know so much by 21. Let me once again ask...why are all the important decisions you have to make supposed to be made during the years when you are the least sure of yourself?? And what happens if you mess up. Can you go back and fix it. The scariest part is, sometimes you can't. Sometimes the stupidity you had as a 21 year old is with you your entire life, and sometimes you have to go a few years out of your way to fix it.

Ok, so i have no idea where that post came from...but im going to go get ready for bed and take some meds...and drift off into a medication induced sleep, which just brings more strange dreams...YAY!