Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Stirred or changed?

Yesterday i got a phone call telling me that there had been an accident. Three of the guys from school had been travelling for New Testament Church Pioneers. Their SUV had rolled over and pinned one of them under the car. He died before the rescue crews could free him. Lee Waller was one of the godliest Christians i had ever met. I went on visitation with him for a few months my sophomore year, and he had a vision for souls. I've had very little to do since i heard the news, and i have been thinking a lot (which i know i do far too much sometimes). I thought about what this would be like if one of my friends had been taken to eternity. How would our relationship end? Would they know that i love them? Would i be able to live knowing our relationship was right? Would there be a senseless grudge between us? Then i started thinking what would happen if it had been me? Lee was serving the Lord. He was encouraging pastors and church members. What am I doing for the Lord? I am praying that Lee didn't die in vain. I am praying that Lee's Christian example will not just stir people but change them. Please pray for the Waller family, his girlfriend Jessica, the Peoples Baptist Church, Crown College, and Pastor Sexton. Also please pray for Scott Davis and Zach Gillit as they were travelling with Lee and are dealing with this loss and the tramua of the accident.

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