Friday, August 19, 2011

Fresh Brewed Life

My morning quiet time usually consists of my Bible, journal, whatever I'm reading at the time and a nice hot-ish cup of coffee. I curl up on our "new to us" couches and spend however long I have talking to God, reading his word, writing to Him and then reading whatever book I'm reading through. All the while drinking my Berres Bros. CinnaNut Island with cream and sugar. Imagine how perfectly a book called Fresh-Brewed Life fit into the equation. Im still not quite sure how i felt about the book. There are parts I agreed with and parts I didn't so much. I feel like this book hits an issue I have blogged about before in that our society needs to know what true love is before we can expect them to understand what Christ has to offer us. I do not agree with certain statements that downplayed the importance of the question of eternal residence by replacing it with a question of our temporal response to realizing His eternal love. Though the second question is important, perhaps the second most important question, next to the first, it pales in comparison.

Overall the book was well written to include anecdotes and journaling prompts that I found to be very helpful. The book is very much directed at married women, so there were parts I skimmed fairly quickly that were not meant for me at the stage of life I'm currently in. While the book didn't "blow me away," I am by no means sad or disappointed with it.

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