Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Eye Opening

There are those books that you genuinely look forward to reading a chapter each night.  A Sudden Glory by Sharon Jaynes was one of those books.  It wasn't groundbreaking and new.  It was an amazing reminder.  It tore away any facade erected by religion and asked the reader to examine their relationship with the Lover of their soul.  It talked about noticing the little things God gives us each day just to say "I'm here and I love you!"  The book made me consider my day.  What did God give me today?  That amazing blue sky that I just sat in awe of? Yep, that was the gift of my loving Savior who is ever showing me that I am his.  That timely text from a friend wasn't just from them but from God as well.  She had other points to consider besides just the daily miracles we take for granted.  Probably the most earth shaking point for me was that ingratitude is "a casual despising of God's sovereignty."  Wow.  My God has a plan.  He is in control, and even those things I don't like in my life are working to make his BEST plan for my life a reality.  I admit there were certain parts of this book directed at married women that I couldn't fully appreciate, but overall, I recommend it to Christian women who are feeling guilty for wanting something more.  The problem isn't in the desire for something more, but in what we think will satisfy that desire.   Check it out!

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