Tuesday, May 30, 2006

I Have The Best Friends Ever

Right now it is 2:47am, and i am so tired i think i am getting dillusional. As you can see from the title, i have the best friends ever. I really appreciate all of you. I know i don't say it enough. I'm praying that God will allow us to stay close for the rest of our lives. He has really blessed me by letting me meet you. (Yeah mark, i know i am kinda copying off your blog, but it was good.) Sometimes it is hard for me to put myself out there and tell people that i really care about them and value their friendship, but i do care about all of you and i cherish the opportunity i have to know you. (if you think this applies to you...it probably does). God really knows what he is doing when he puts friends together, doesn't he? He knows just the person you need to talk to when you need to talk to them.

One thing i learned this year is to be myself. I don't have to pretend i am a spiritual giant in an area where i feel like nothing but a grasshopper. It kind of reminds me of Easter when i was a kid. When i got my easter basket, i always wanted the bigger chocolate rabbit, but as the years went by i learned that i would rather have the slightly smaller, solid chocolate rabbit than the giant hollow chocolate. I would rather be real when it comes to my life than hollow. Just a thought from a very tired person. thanks for bearing with me on it.

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