Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The Irony never ceases

So right now i am sitting at a restaurant with my parents. I came so i could use the wireless internet...unlike some of you, i still have to endure the torture of dial up at home. Sitting at the table next to me are two girls about my age. They are talking about their mulititude of boy problems....go figure two college age girls with guy problems...unheard of right. Anyway, they are talking a little loud, and i can't help but over hear small tidbits of their conversation once in a while. Well, i was talking to my friend's little sister on messenger when these girls got REALLY loud. They had obviously found something VERY funny. All i hear is, "and get this, she is going to BIBLE COLLEGE." This made the girls burst out into an even harder wave of laughter. I just thought wow, how i am getting ready to start my third year of Bible college and these girls find bible college to be the most absurd thing they have ever heard fo in their lives. Then i heard it, the thing that almost broke my heart, "i can't picture HER studying the Bible." It really made me think. What do people think about me when they hear i go to Bible college. Do they think it is absurdly hilarious based on the way i live my life around them?? Do i live in such a way that people aren't shocked to hear that i attend an independent, fundamental, Baptist Bible college. This just gave me something to think about. I don't have to be a stick in the mud, so boring i could be the president of Future Librarians of America, but i need to maintain a testimony that when someone knows me they know i love God. I want to be so real in my life that people see that loving the Lord isn't can be the most exciting life to live.

***Mark, i added these pics just for you...just trying to make my blog a little more interesting.

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markus said...

I here ya on that one, once you mess up your tesimonyit is really hard to get it back...........Kinda weird that you would be able to hear all of that.........i better be careful when i talk in restraunts.