Wednesday, July 25, 2007

When an amazing book becomes a mediocre movie...

Right now, im sitting here, at 1:19 am, by myself in my house. I'm a little freaked out cause my neighborhood is now full of delinquent juveniles, who would rather break into houses and blow up cars than go home and sleep or do something more productive, and im at home by myself cause my parents are on vacation and my brother is at work. To make it all even better, I've been reading books about twisted realities, and im currently watching a movie about a man with mulitple personalities that is trying to blow himself up. Thats what is really irking me. This movie is a horrendous attempt at recreating an amazing book, and instead of serving the book ANY justice at all, it is butchering the complexities that made the plot gripping in the first place. The book was so vivid that it wouldn't be hard to recreate some of the details, but instead some of the most important parts have been cut.

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