Saturday, August 11, 2007


Well, to say that this summer has flown by would be sadly inaccurate. I guess the end just snuck up on me. So many things have happened to me this summer. I've gotten closer to some of my good friends and farther away from some i still consider good friends. I've learned lessons about life, and had a few interesting moments. I've made memories that will last me a lifetime. Today i went paintballing. That was....well...interesting. It was definitely fun. Well, as fun as being shot can be. I got hit a few times, and that hurt pretty bad, but just hanging out with my friends was so much fun. God has blessed me so much with an amazing church that not only hang out after services, but actually want to get together and do things whether they be ministry or just fun. I am really nervous about going to MBBC, but God has shown me again and again thats what he has for me.

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