Saturday, September 08, 2007

Culture Shock

So in my Foundations of Ed (sociology) class we have been studying culture, and i believe the correct term for my current condition is "culture shock." That is coming from a culture to which you have become assimilated and encountering another culture that seems completely foreign. i can say that after 3 years at Crown, I began to accept it as my norm. Thats not to say i followed all the wonderful rules, but i accepted the fact that i had them. Upon arriving on campus this semester at MBBC, i observed things i hadn't seen on a campus in three years. For example girls and guys are allowed to walk into town together, girls are allowed to wear pants for certain activities, shirts with writing are allowed, people who aren't KJVO aren't in league with the devil, we can stay up late, and there aren't times set aside for the entire campus to study, but the part that hit me the hardest is that with all these things happening and allowed, this isn't some "trap of liberalism" or "Bible college in name only." For three years i have been taught (although indirectly, taught all the same) that if a college doesn't have the strictest standards of living then they are not following God's will. I guess i am just learning something else here, something that God meant for us to know and practice all the time. Man has a free will, and God wants worship and praise that man has decided to give him freely. God doesn't want our forced praise or our mechanical service. He wants us to worship Him because of who he is, not because we are required to do so. The philosophy i heard voiced before was if you are start now because you are forced, you will begin to do it when you aren't being forced, but is that even what God wants? Does He want our praise, worship, and service to be a habit we picked up?

Anyway, all that to say this, I'm having a great time here, and i KNOW im in God's will. Pray for me, i haven't found a job yet, but i KNOW this is where God wants me, so i know he'll provide. Last night i went to a little party (pretty much 8 of us watching a movie and eating food)Today i slept in and went to a football game. It was a ton of fun. I can honestly say that i am glad that i am at a school where influence and academics are equally important, where the students matter, and where i am treated like an adult.
God used Crown in my life for a specific purpose, and i learned a lot there about my life, my God, and my friends, so please don't take this as a "Crown bashing" post. I am just in the center of God's will and loving every minute of it!

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