Friday, April 18, 2008

Procrastination = Exhaustion

It's 2:05am...and i'm taking a break. I say a break because i still have a lot to do tonight...or this morning or whatever i'm currently surviving. I say surviving because that is precisely what i'm doing. I'm trying to keep my head above the waters of projects, papers, and those annoying little assignments that you never seem to finish during the semester. I am at the point where staring at my computer screen just isn't making much sense. It seems like words are pluralizing themselves or putting themselves in past tense, even when i don't ask them to. I'll write a sentence, and it looks like an eight year old was typing blindfolded after spinning in a circle ten times. Let me describe my current surroundings to you, because that is just what i need, to spend some time in some descriptive writing to wake my brain up...or maybe i just need more coffee. I am sitting in the dorm hallway staring at doors which are gateways to rooms full of slumbering people who have a much better work ethich than i do. The lights in the hallway are bright...which is nice because for the longest time, hiedi lost the little tool thing to turn the lights on and off, so they were stuck in some kind of half on, half off purgatory. To my left are two other girls working on struggling throught the same paper i am breaking from, and the other studying for something that has to do with nursing. Directly beside me is my notebook, opened to the syllabus for National Government where i find all of my requirements for aforementioned paper. To my right, i have spread out my belonging. I have a bag of pretzels that i have to snack on while i write. Next to that is my empty coffee cup, which i'm wishing wasn't empty. My coffee maker, which i moved out to the hallway so that my coffee cup could remain filled tonight is sitting vancant because i don't have the motivation to get up an make another cup. And finally, there sits my crumpled robe in a pitiful pile on the floor. I got it out for a time of reminisencing about the good old days when i could be dressed in layers, but if i wasn't in a skirt, i had to wear that beautiful robe i've had forever. O, wow, so both of the girls who were studying have gotten up and dispersed to various locations. The bathroom is always a popular destination this late at night because people drink caffeinne in high doses to maintian some degree of alertness. Well, i've just taken a 15 min break from my paper, and i think i'm awake...ok not really...not at all, but i gotta get back to the paper. I hope you are all sleeping soundly in your comfy beds and dreaming about fluffy sheep named Bob and Frank that drive fast cars :-)

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Hannah said...

Poor Poor Mary! I remember those cramming days. Don't miss them a bit. Hope you get a good grade out of all this.