Monday, June 02, 2008

First Day on the job...

So waitressing was way easier than I expected.  Campers are here and they are hungry…and Nana’s food is just what they want.  Of course, this is a low week, and I only had 3 tables…with great counselors (including charles) who got their tables in line pretty fast.  Next week we’ll have way more…over double, so the thought of that is pretty daunting.  I almost wish I could tell you some funny story of something really dumb I did, but at the same time, I’m glad I can tell you that no such thing happened.  Waitressing was really a blast.  I could tell you about the dive bombing bugs that attacked Kim and I last night at the pool, and made us run for the hills, but that’s pretty much the whole story on that one too.  O and there is a group from West Coast here who are traveling around helping camps…and one of the guys used to go to Crown with me…talk about a small world.  Anyway, I gotta run and get ready for the evening service…love and miss you all!!

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