Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night

So ive been absent from my blog for awhile now. Im also aware that this is becoming a theme with this site for which i apologize. It's prolly a good thing though...there hasn't really been anything blog worthy happening in my life and most likely you would have just been reading mindless drivel that has nothing to do with your life. Isn't that kind of the point of a blog though either so you can keep updated on someone's life or so you can live vicariously through their escapades. Well, if you are at this site for the latter, you either have a very boring life or you have stumbled upon the wrong page. Anyway, now time for some of that mindless drivel. The semester is over (finally) and i can't tell you how glad i am. It was a stretching semester, and as much as i know that stretching is good for you and teaches you to grow, a break is nice. I just hope i learned from the stretching and i don't have to got through all that again. Break has been fun so far. I spent four days at Ambers house in Indiana which i will tell you more about in a moment. Then, i came home and saw the new house (which is nice but really wierd). While in IN, i was part of a slight sledding accident. I jammed my back up, and then from pain, i fell back in the sled and then we hit a tree (i have a nice bruise on my leg). So amber and lauren took good care of me until i was delivered to my parents :) Of course, then i went bowling and then spent all day today cooking, so i guess i don't take care of myself as well as they did. Tomorrow is Christmas. I don't have any gifts to give people as i'm terrible at waiting to give gifts. I get so excited to see how much they love it that i have to just give it to them as soon as i can. It gets difficult because i always feel bad when it comes to the occasion and i have nothing. o well...Remember what this season is about. The Savior who was born to destroy death. Live your life to emulate love, peace, and forgiveness.

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