Saturday, November 15, 2008

Walkin' through life

Have you ever watched people walk? It's something I've started doing lately to pass the time as i traverse campus. It amazes me the little games that people make up while they walk so they can focus less on the walking part and engage their brains in other ways. Most of these "games" have to do with the cracks on the sidewalk. For some, the point of their creative genious is to make sure in your stride you step on every crack you see. This makes for some pretty interesting stride lengths, either very long or very short. Then there are the people, who out of concern for the well being of their mother avoid the cracks at all costs, at times this causes little jumps or hops that are a source of amusement. Of course there are the people who aren't altering their gait in any way as well. There are those who practically walk with their feet pointing out to their sides. It really can't be all that comfortable. I'm sure these observations will become only more enjoyable as the sidewalks get slippery.

Well that is enough development for that random thought. As for my life, it has been going very well. I just found out on Tuesday night (at midnight after refreshing my email a million times) that i made the Argentina team from school This means in August, I will be travelling to Buenos Aires to help churches and do various other things. This also means that before August, i must raise support to go. Some of you will be receiving letters or emails from me :) I also have to get my passport and all of that paper work done. In other news, one of the boys from my junior church was in a car accident last week. He is in the hospital and has a long road to recovery, but he is doing well. The last big news i can think of right now is that my parents have decided to move. I'm actually talking to my dad right now as hes is sitting in our new house. I still haven't seen pictures or anything, but its going to be an adventure.

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