Saturday, April 04, 2009

Update...i really want to start writing a little more regularly

I apologize at the lateness of this post. I realize its been quite a while since my last. Spring break is the last thing that occurred in my life of any significance. I am still praying in support for Argentina, and i know it will come, even if it is a little slow in coming. I've dealt with a lot the last few months, but God is good. I have just about the best friends in the entire world :) i have a lot of stories i could post about...hmmm...lets see, what should i write flight home was fun. Upon boarding the extremely small plane with virtually no room for carry ons, my flight attendant started those typical speeches that flight attendants are required to bore passengers to death with. Except this time, it was a little different. She began by welcoming us to our non-stop flight to cancun, which i would have welcomed in a heart beat had i not been going home :) She laughed and corrected her purposeful error with a "don't u wish." She then welcomed us to our flight to Cleveland with a little quip about how if it wasn't your flight it was now. That part is a little cloudy because at that point a short asian man jumped to his feet. I remembered him because he was the short asian man who had been complaining that someone had his seat and he had to move. Apparently, no one had taken his seat because this was not his flight. I guess Cleveland just wasn't his location of choice :). After they got him all figured out and off our plane, we started again, and had an enjoyable flight. See, doing your job well and with a sense of humor makes those around you have a better overall was probably the most enjoyable flight alone i have ever had. Hmmm...what else is going on? Not too much. I'm just living my life a day at a time (which can be a problem for looking ahead for homework :) ).

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