Thursday, April 09, 2009

Class is too soon :)

I'm sitting here thinking about how long of a night i have ahead of me. Sitting here as people swarm all around on the way to their respective classes. I'll be joining them soon, but not just yet. This is a post to look back. I'm looking back at how fortunate i really am to have what I have. I guess i like to write about that on here because it is so easily forgotten. So easy to push aside the blessings and focus on the trials. I was reading in Philippians yesterday, and it just hit me how much Paul found to joy in. He was in prison and people were trying to RUIN his ministry, and yet he still found joy. How blessed i am. Thats not to say im without trials. Ive been really learning to run these past few months. But o how much i've learned to cherish Him in my life, and not run toward things that have no purpose. Run to the arms of my Savior. The hall has that calm before the storm feel to it right now. soon people will be everywhere as the bells ring, but right now is a good time for thoughts...and how much i love Him, and how much He loves me. wow i love Him.

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