Monday, January 10, 2011

Not on a Roller Coaster

I'm so thankful for the things I have learned in the past year. So thankful for my God holding me whenever I need Him to. Sometimes start to toddle away again and He holds my hand before I fall down. I feel like I might be starting to learn that following Him, even when I can't see, is a better idea than trying to pull Him to where I want to go. I'm learning to ascribe to Him the things He says about Himself. I'm learning He knows whats best, even when the present time hurts more than words can say. Things have happened this year, just like any other year, that affect me emotionally, but my God has shown me that although circumstances can affect my happiness, my JOY rests in Him. I love Him so much. Right now, I have 2 weeks left of college...2 WEEKS! I got my first job offer yesterday, and I'm praying about it, but I honestly have NO idea what He has for me yet. All I know is there isn't a roller coaster I'm riding right now :)

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