Friday, February 25, 2011

My First Book Review :)

I recently received and read Curiosities of the Civil War by Webb Garrison. The first thing to draw me to the book was the extremely attractive cover. Even those who don't enjoy reading about history have to admit that this book was designed very well. As I’m someone who has dabbled somewhat in design, it’s one of the first things I now notice about books or any other media. Throughout this book, the author has woven an intriguing journey through the civil war's little known anecdotes, facts from Lincoln’s presidency to confederate men slaying their own colonel. It jumped around a bit for my brain, but then again, I'm not a civil war enthusiast. However, my friends who are history and social studies majors can't wait to get their hands on this book for present enjoyment and future usefulness. Having recently graduated with an education degree, I also see the value of this book from an educator’s standpoint. This book would be a great tool for any history teacher about to embark on a journey through a civil war unit. It brings the history to life with its fun vignettes about the little known facts of the war. This book is definitely the perfect gift for the historian on your gift list.

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