Monday, March 28, 2011

Pictures of real life

Today I was on facebook...i know, i know shocker...anyway, i was on facebook, and I clicked on a friend's profile and on the side popped up this box, "pictures of you and (insert friend's name here)." There were 12. Twelve simple pictures that would give anyone a glimpse into our friendship. Sadly, as i scrolled through the pictures, I realized that the snapshots painted a picture that wasn't our friendship. It was what i wanted it to be, but not what it is. So here I am being all pensive. I started thinking about how people see a snapshot of God when they see me. They see a snapshot of my "friendship" with God. What does that look like? Is it even accurate? Is it what i wish it was, but a total scam? Or do i try to make it look like we're casual acquaintances to others? anyway random spiritual thought...

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