Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My Spring "Break"

This "spring break" was a different one. Namely because I didn't really get it like everyone else. I'm done with school, so the week that was mbbc's spring break, wasn't mine. My roommates packed up the car and headed off to Miami, and i welcomed a few friends to stay over. Other than a very frustrating scavenger hunt, it was a fun few days. Then like most other "breaks" in my life, i got sick. My body seems to know exactly when I have a few spare days. I did manage to make it through junior church on sunday, when we had a real life example of Achan stealing, in this case, a giant candy bar and hiding it...under his coat. This most likely occured while the rest of us were in the auditorium for kid's choir...good thing i changed like 3 times that morning. I kinda forgot i'd be standing in front of the entire church. Then there was the 3 year old who got a bloody nose :( It was definitely a fun one. But even being sick, i wouldn't have traded it for the world. i love those kids :) Now, if my roommates could return, and we could get life back to normal, i would appreciate it.

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