Sunday, October 28, 2012

His Timing

My roommate has a small card displayed in our house that says, "Faith in God includes faith in His timing."  I've been reading it for a while, but last night He made it real.  The store I work at closes at 9pm.  Last night there was still a family of customers in the store at 9:15.  I was getting increasingly frustrated. I had a terrrrrible week.  Overly stressed, under-slept. The last thing I wanted to do was spend any extra time at work when I knew I had to be up in the morning.  We cut off the music trying to encourage the family to finish up.  They finally came to my register.  I forced a smile and asked if they had found everything they were looking for.  The woman sheepishly looked at me, and said, "no English."
Suddenly, I started to smile for real.  I knew this family was sent to me by God to brighten up my week.  We had a ten minute or so conversation.  I cannot wait to serve God for the rest of my life on the field, but I can help people here while I am waiting.  I know that God's fullest blessing comes in His timing, and I refuse to force my way through some part of it or skirt around the outside.  

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