Thursday, June 01, 2006

Ice Cream Woes

So, once again i can't sleep. It is 12:24am, not as late as i am usually up, i just don't see myself falling asleep anytime soon. The problem isn't insomnia or anything; it is the fact that right now i am sitting in a house without air conditioning. It was 96 degrees today outside when i was with my parents, and needless to say i am dying.

Tonight, i dished out ice cream for our ice cream fellowship after service. They are asking each college student to do it for two weeks this summer, and this was my second week, so i don't have to do it again. I wouldn't have minded it much except i ended up covered in sticky ice cream, and i heard every excuse to get an extra scoop. I know, you think it was all those little kids a little strung out on sugar, but was the adults. How do you tell someone 2-3 times your age, "I'm sorry sir, but i still have half the church to serve...the youth group hasn't come out yet, and those kids over there are still waiting to get their ice cream. Your cup is full, not overflowing like you may want, but you have more than most people get because you searched to find the one that got the extra from the bottom of an ice cream carton. However if you want me to pile an extra scoop on your already full cup, with the ice cream that the church bought, so that we can all enjoy a little fellowship after church, than hand me your cup." People are unbelievable. Anyway...just had to vent a bit. Thanks for dealing with my random rantings.

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