Thursday, January 04, 2007

Moving on

Well, i'm back at school and i am sitting in a coffee shop. I can't believe im already back here; it feels like just yesterday we left. Of course, there are new ppl, and there are the ppl that everyone thought was coming back who came back, got their stuff and left. I am glad to be here, but i just can't help wanting to count down the days until the end of the semester. I guess i can just post it on here now since i've already told most of the ppl that i wanted to. This is my last semester here. I have really prayed about it and talked to my pastor about it and most likely, next year i will be a transfer student at Maranatha. I really can't believe this and i am keep wanting to kick myself, and ask myself, what are you thinking?!?!?! Im going to be a senior when i transfer, which means i will prolly have to stay there an extra year. I don't even know what credits are going to transfer yet, but i know God has something for me there, and i don't want to allow something as trivial as a year to prevent me from getting what He has for me. It is going to be hard. To be completely honest, i scared. I only know three people there that are going to be there next year. I am going to a new place with new rules and new people. I am going to have to develop a new routine. I am going to have to find a new job. Frankly, all of that makes me anxious. Yes, i mean anxious as in nervously excited. I know that one thing that is an answer to prayer is that if i want to there is a chance i can teach in a public school. I have always had a burden for public schools. Maybe cause i went to one for most of my life.

I am thankful for Crown and for all i have learned here, and i know that God has something to teach me here this semester. I know that God had a purpose for me to come here, and it was His will for me to come here, but now i believe He is telling me to move on.

On another computer is being graphically challenged and i can't figure out why. I can't see half of the pictures on the pages i am looking at and it is driving me crazy!!!

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markus said...

hey, it'll be fun being a freshman again! j/j