Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Searching isn't bad

Why is it that when someone questions a commonly held belief, most people have a heart attack, and practically call that person a heretic? I have come to this realization lately as I have been really evaluating the things I believe. I was blessed with a great church that has done a great job not only teaching me what to believe, but why to believe it, but even with that I want to strike out and my own and study and know the truth for myself. I refuse to be what many people in my generation have become content with. I refuse to answer any question with, “Well, I believe it because my church believes it.” Or “I believe it because that is what I am supposed to believe.” We sing that song Faith of our Fathers, but I want it to be mine. I love my church, and I am sure that anything I study out will be aligned with their doctrine, but I am determined to be a Berean and discover the truths of the Bible all over again. I want the truths not to just be something that someone told me once upon a time, but I want them to be real and living to me. God knows my heart, and I believe anyone searching for the truth will find it. It really concerns me how many guys I see everyday that are studying to go into the ministry and lead a church that are just going to teach the “things I learned that I am supposed to believe.” How can you tell someone about something when you are unsure of the veracity of it? How can you teach someone when you can’t explain to yourself why it is the truth.

Imagine walking into an ice cream shop and asking someone what you should try, and they adamantly tell you that a certain flavor is the best in the store. When you ask when they tried it, they tell you that they have never actually tried it, but they heard it was good. Wouldn’t you want to try if for yourself before you agree with them? It is just like salvation. How can you tell someone convincingly that God loves them if you have never experienced that soul altering love for yourself? God didn’t mean for us to be blind robot Christians. He didn’t mean for us to get our programming, and then go and do the good Christian things and live a life that is a mile and a half wide but only a half inch deep. I want to dig in, and find out what is really out there. I don’t just make it the faith of my fathers…I want to make it real to myself.

Don’t ever get down on someone who is genuinely searching for the truth. Help them, or maybe you should even join them.

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Adrienne said...

wow Mary, that's deep! I'm impressed though. Good luck "searching" ( I totally agree with you by the way!) Sry I haven't read your blog in like Forever!!!!!!! All I've done is send you like a billion fowards you probably don't have time to read! lol, well I miss you, and lyl!