Saturday, February 03, 2007

Redneck day...

Though i have been living in the south for about three years now, i have tried hard to ignore my surroundings and go on living like the good yankee i am. Well, today was an exception. I allowed myself to be included in the most redneck day of all time. It all started on my way back from lunch (and my first piano lesson). I was riding along looking out the window and saw a side view mirror laying on the side of the road that looked very similar to the one that had been hanging off my friend's truck since she hit a mailbox last week. I looked on the door and realized that it was the mirror that HAD been hanging there when i saw several wires in the place where the mirror used to be. I told my friend who hadn't really noticed that the mirror had fallen off, so we pulled into the parking lot, and i, being the good friend i am, proceeded to walk the side of beavercreek to get to the mirror (that was much farther away than i seemed to remember). I finally got there and inconspicuously picked up the mirror (now when i say mirror, please understand that it is just the casing of the mirror, all the glass shattered out of it during the mailbox incident last week). I waved to the ppl i knew that were driving by, ran back to the truck, and continued to laugh about it for a good while.

We went back to the dorm to change before we went out for a day we hoped wouldn't be mind numbingly boring. While we were there, i went to the fridge and grabbed the mammoth pie my boss had given me on Friday and a few forks. So here we were, all three of us back in the truck (yeah the truck with no mirror) eating pie and listening to oldies. One of my friends was singing into her fork, thankfully she wasn't the one driving. We headed to one of our favorite hangouts...McKay' is only one of the coolest used bookstores in the entire world! We had to park in the overflow parking because the whole McKay's lot was full. We didn't think too much about it, parked and went in. I found a piano book, and my friends found various interesting books that were published cerca 1974. We paid and walked out to the truck. It was then we noticed the ginormous "pools and spas" service van behind us, and realized there was no possible way we were going to make it out with both the van and my friend's truck in one piece, well except the pieces my friend's truck was already in. We tried for a few minutes and then i trudged my way to the pools and spa store to ask if they wouldn't mind backing their huge van up about a foot and a half. The guy at the counter told me there was nothing he could do because he wasn't on "the list" of ppl that were allowed to drive it, and he wasn't really going to do anything about moving it. So i just stared at him. I told him that we really didn't WANT to hit the van, and he replied that he didn't want us to hit it either. Despite the desire he had that we not hit the van, he still wasn't going to offer me anyway to help the situation, so i asked him if anyone was there that could move it. He looked at me blankly, and then told me that if i go out and look around outside for a different guy, then that guy might be able to help me. Instead of trying to get anything else (like him finding his coworker for me) from this guy, i walked outside hoping to find the guy that was on "the list." Amidst the throng of people that had decided they wanted to check out McKay's today, i found a guy that looked like he might have worked with the jerk i had been talking to. I explained the situation, and he volunteered to get my friend's truck out for her. He got in and zipped it out in about five seconds...i don't think he was as nervous about the big van as we were. We all got back in the truck, which now that i think of it, was probably a little wierd to the guy that we had all gotten out in the first place. O well, that's what happens when a girl goes to a Christian college where you aren't really supposed to ride with any guy for any reason, unless you share part of their genetic code.

It's now only 5:15, so who knows how crazy the rest of our day could get, but so's been interesting.

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Adrienne said...

wow... sadly that's nothing compared to the weirdest day I've ever had, but it does sound pretty weird. lol, but I love the whole mirror repair thingy... lol, it's actually kinda of a smart idea. Oh, and it's not really rednck unless you use duct tape! lol :)