Saturday, January 19, 2008

Back in the midst of it...

I thought about how when i got home i would update, but then there was the famine of no internet that i experienced, and then i thought sometime when i got back i would update, but then we started classes about 15hrs after i got back. Then, i was thinking that i could update on a sunday when i'm at a house with internet access, but once again, i encountered a problem, none of the houses we went to had internet, so here i am finally updating in the twenty minutes i have before i run off to do something else. The semester is going well, i got a job at daycare last week, so ive been working, going to class, and trying to socialize like mad. I have no time in my life for anything, well except for the things already listed. Even for church, i've been trying to do homework on the way, or eating, if its a wednesday. Sorry that i couldn't update adding pictures of my church group :-)

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