Saturday, February 02, 2008

It's a ride

Have you ever been on a roller coaster? Some go so fast that you don't have time to analyze each individual part. You just know that the hills, dips, loops, and corkscrews make the ride what it is. Sometimes, you're on top of the world and sometimes your heart sinks into the pit of your stomach, but once you get on you're powerless to stop them from coming. That pretty much describes my semester so far. Its had its ups and downs, but overall i think i'll come out of it enjoying the ride.

Last weekend, aaron, alex, rachel, and i headed for Winnebago, IL. A weekend away, an escape from the routine and hecticness (ok so thats prolly not a word) of my everyday schedule sounded absolutely amazing, and it was. We went to a hockey game, the first hockey game i have ever been to in my life. Good thing i sat next to aaron who helped me out by explaining things i didn't understand. After the game, we headed back to Kevin and Heather's house (ppl who go to our church). We stayed up talking pretty late, until the guys had to leave to get some sleep. We had so much fun!

Time in my life has been pretty scarce. I'm still working every weekday at the daycare and i got an email about possibly having another job, which would only be a few hours a week, but would be amazing. Classes are....well they are definitely classes and i've been busy.

On another note...please pray for mark and his family. His little niece, Rylee, passed away this past Wednesday. She was 6 months old.
Here are some pics from my weekend away:Here's the whole group...kevin, alex, rachel, me and aaron And aaron and i Rachel and i were...errr...nevermind Alex and rachel Alex,rachel, and i Road Trip!! Alex playing polly pocket with Logan Here's all of us playing... Rachel and of many pics :-p

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