Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The End of the Beginning

The curtain has almost closed on this semester. It's hard to believe that three months ago, i arrived on this campus knowing virtually no one and not knowing anything about the school. Finals are upon me, and the urge to go home is strong. I have really learned a lot this semester. Besides lessons in various classes i feel that i have really grown this semester. A guy i go to church with and i were talking about our decisions to transfer here. It's both of our first semesters, and we agreed that we couldn't have made a better choice. I'm so glad that i made the switch and if i had it to do over i would make the same decision in a heartbeat.

Here are some pics we took on extension yesterday...pretty much i go to an awesome church with awesome people....So here we are...in the back are ryan, alex (we don't know about his facial expression, which is why we had to take another), and aaron. In the front, betsy, me, lori, and rachel (who came for the first time this week but fit in perfectly).
O there you go alex, now thats a face we can use...

When we stopped at Red Robin, Ryan had to get a pic like Kramer :-)

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