Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Life in the Whirlwind

Sometimes i get so caught up in the day to day happenings in my life, that i forget the important things, like waiting. Waiting is a foreign concept to me. I don't like to wait for anything. For example, i have to be a last minute shopper for gift giving affairs, or i'll give the gift early, just because i want to. Christmas tends to be an interesting event in my life because i end up buying someone 3 or 4 different gifts, and still, i only have one for Christmas day. My time spent waiting for something is often spent doing something else, just to pass the time. That is why waiting on the Lord is so difficult for me. I feel like i have to be constantly doing, instead of just trusting. My brain runs in so many different channels, and i can change channels almost as fast as you can hit the button on the remote. Trying to devote my whole brain to something is like trying to get all of the channels on your tv to show the same show...doesn't happen often, unless there's been some overwhelming victory or tragedy. So thats what im working on now...waiting...

As for the rest of my life, it's going pretty well. Starting today, nylons are no longer required for dress code. This will save me approximately 4,372 dollars a year. Ok, so maybe not quite so much, but we are all very thankful for and happy with the change. Classes are going fairly well, i can't complain much. I am taking a music class and as of today, i've decided to drop out of school and start playing world renowned concerts on my new recorder. Although some have tried to discourage me (coughrachelcough) :) i think this is going to be my calling, if i can master the C-scale. On the work news front, Monday was great as no children were fatally wounded. At least none of the broken fingers of last week...well, its time to go...i'll try to update a little sooner next time

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Sprinkle Spangles said...

Why didn't you tell me you were taking a music class????? We really are destined to go into business together :-D