Thursday, September 25, 2008

What lack of sleep does to you

Bible freeze tag.  Sounds like a simple enough game to play with pick one person to be it and kids have a chance to yell out a bible character so they don't get tagged.  Well, thats what we were going to play tonight for the kids at my church.  So they came out and i got them ready for the game.  I lined them up by birthday and counted them off so we would have two teams... i lined the teams up...then i realized we were playing don't need teams for tag, but i had just spent a good three minutes dividing them up ingeniously, so what was i to do?  I looked to my fellow workers for help, but they were too busy laughing at me for spliting the kids into worthless teams...we ended up playing a random relay game i made up off the top of my head, so the kids were none the wiser, but now i know...i need more sleep before next wednesday...and maybe someone else should run games.

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