Friday, April 01, 2011

Adventure in Home Ec

That's right! Yesterday I got to teach home ec....o well, now its called "Life Tech." The first two hours was with my 7th graders. That was really fun. They were designing their dream bedrooms. They had some crazy one girl wanted to put a lap pool in her room and have her bed on a raised platform. I told her she should consider making the platform her bed is on pretty big, so she doesn't fall off in her sleep and drown. Then, the next few hours were with 8th grade, who pretty much think they rule the world....moving on. The last two hours were with sixth grade. We had to cook. I wondered how cooking with about 40 sixth graders was going to go. And the answer was...def overwhelming...They have to check in for every part of the recipe. Needless to say I really respect any teacher who can get a group of 20-25 sixth graders to cook, eat, and clean in less that 45 min.

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