Friday, August 31, 2012

My humblest apologies to my faithful readers :-p

Ok, so, I don't exactly keep up with my blog.  I admit it.  I forget it's here sometimes.  I get busy, and this poor thing suffers.  According to Blogger, I have one faithful person who checks my blog almost daily.  I humbly apologize.

I believe I haven't posted an actual, non book review, entry in almost a year.  So there is a lot of catching up to do.  I was blessed with another year of life.  I am still subbing for the school districts around here.  God has shown himself faithful to me everyday.  I've grown closer to Him this year, and I cannot articulate in so few words as a blog post what He has meant to me.

I was privileged once again to travel to the amazing country of Argentina.  God helped our team overcome countless obstacles to share the gospel with the people there.  At first I wondered about our ministry.  We weren't building water purification systems (their water there is just fine). We weren't a construction team fixing up an orphanage.  I wondered about the impact that would be made by our trip.  Then I realized, we were building relationships.  We built earthly friendships with the Argentine people.  I miss my friends there dearly!  More importantly, we were helping to build eternal relationships.  God allowed our team to share the gospel and plant seeds in the hearts of many people.  God allowed us to encourage believers already serving.    We weren't a professional choir by any means, but little is much when God is in it.

There was another impact from our trip that I wasn't quite expecting.  Not because I was opposed to it, but because I thought I had already received my answer last time I traveled that far south.  I firmly believe God's plan for my life includes long term mission work in the field of Central/South America.  I'm so excited to see how He works out some of the details in the future.  There are certain steps God has to present before I can begin taking some on my own, but all of that belongs in a different post.  So, for now I'm trying to patiently wait, while serving my God wherever He puts me. :)

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