Monday, February 12, 2007

Not for those with weak stomachs

A legacy has ended. A fear overcome. Neither by my choice. Those with weak stomachs may want to stop reading now, but i know that sense of adventure will keep you reading on. Don't say i didn't warn you. Saturday started like any other sat. I got up, went to "storytime with Bob" (a.k.a. visitation), and then went about doing various random things that i can't write about due to the possibility of disciplinary I hadn't been feeling well since Tues., but i didn't think much of it...because i hadn't felt good since tues, and i felt the same, so why should i stay in the little box they try to call a room and sleep, when i could be out having fun with my friends? So out i went to Mcalisters. McAlisters is definitely one of my favorite places in the world. We got our typical nacho basket, which i didn't really feel like eating, so after a handful of chips or so, i called it quits on that. For another two hours, i sat there talking, chatting, and having a good old time. I was talking to my good friend mike, when i had this intense urge to leave. (Mike had just told me i should go home and lie down) I asked the girls if we could go, and then it was all over. The poor cali's crew had a floor to clean, and i was in the bathroom...(don't say i didn't warn you). Now, when your food...revisits you in public, it can be a quite embarrassing situation. Add that to the trauma of not throwing up in 12 years, and having 4 friends running around trying to help and it can lend itself (looking back) to be a pretty funny incident. Pretty much, Sunday didn't exist for me, as i slept about 21 hours of it away. Here i am sitting in a mail room about to go to work when i should be in my little box of a room sleeping away a monday. O least i've kept my jello and popsicles down so far.

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