Saturday, February 17, 2007

Pain: not a depressing post

So right now, i am in some intense pain...i really have no idea what i did, but my back is rebelling against the common misconception that your body is supposed to move. (Like i said, i don't know what i did, but it could have something to do with my trying to attack heather last night.) Any way, i have been sitting here, trying not to move, or laugh which heather (and mike online) have been making me do all night. Just warning you all, i have been very pensive lately. God has really been working in my life, and i am really excited about it. It amazes me that i see God doing so much in my life, but i am searching more than ever about what i believe, and i feel like i know less now than i ever have in my whole life. Maybe that's how it is, maybe when you have no idea where you are, you can rely on God more. It's really like pain, the more you are in, the more you can rely on the doctor, and people around you, instead of pushing through life trying to make it on your own. God is amazing because he can take something that looks worthless and hopeless and mold it into something so amazing and breathtaking, that people will come from miles away, just to see the transformation.
Well, i'm gonna go find some painkillers...mike your mental one isn't working...

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