Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Where'd it go??

So not to keep going back to the same point, but until now, i have been a relatively healthy person. I never really HAD to stay in...for sickness anyway. Then last week the whole McAlister's incident. Well, Thursday, i had a sore throat...by Friday i had a severe case of strep. I'm recovering...antibiotics are wonderful. I can't say who gave me strep....although there are a few possibilities. See, once my immune system was down from my stomach virus/flu thing, it hasn't had a chance to recover. I live in a germ pit. I'm not being mean. I live with 32 girls, so there is little choice but for it to be in a germ pit. Well, since the only thing i really do is sleep there, it wouldn't really be bad, but then I work in a germ pit. Once again, not being mean. I work with toddlers. So maybe when i find that respite i've been waiting for, I'll be healthy again, but until then, I drudge to the germ pits.

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