Thursday, May 03, 2007

Finals are almost over...

So it has been a rather long week. I am sitting at G and S right now and writing this while amber studies for her speech final. That's right it's finals. The time when teachers test to see if you were really learning what they were trying to teach you all semester, but if you ask me, they are checking a little late. I am going home in 5 days. We have to stick around for graduation, which has been slightly annoying in years past, but not so much this year since pretty much everyone i know here is graduating.
It has been an insanely long week, and i am suffering from sleep deprivation. I got about 3 or 4 hours on monday and then worked for 9 hours on tues. (def. not complaining about the extra money on my check.). I decided to trying to get an extra hour or so on tues. night, only to wake up to my phone ringing because somehow, one of my friends has a system where he knows when i'm sleeping and he only calls then. So we talked for about...ummm...2 min. and then i was going back to sleep, but before i could my roommate, who had a little more energy than usual, came in the room and told me that one of our friends had fallen off a horse and broke some ribs and accumulated some fluid around her heart, and she was in the hospital. That woke me up, and i couldn't get back to sleep for about 45 minutes. I called my friend today (they moved her out of ICU, so she has her own room and phone now) and she seems to be doing really good and they might let her go today. She actually has hairline fractures on the vertebrae in her back, and they are hoping they will heal on their own. So she's doing better, and i am exhausted.

4 finals down, 2 to go, and 5 days before i go home!!!

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