Sunday, May 20, 2007


I just read my last post, and realized i must have been pretty tired when i wrote it. It is all true, my friends are awesome, but I say it all the time, and i'm guessing some of you have read about it a few times.

So my summer so far has been pretty good. I got a job that isn't factory. I'm actually working as a restaurant baker. I go in tomorrow to fill out paper work. I've gotten to hang out with friends for a while. There has only been one upsetting part of the summer, and that is the critical injury of my computer. I shut it the other day and the lid just split. I took it in to Best Buy, only to find out my warranty had expired 6 days before. That was a pretty rough moment, so now, i have to wait till i get start my job, get my first check, send my money to maranatha, and then get my computer much for saving up money...catch ya guys later!

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