Friday, May 18, 2007

How much do we miss?

How you ever thought how much we miss out on because we are afraid to tell others what we think of them? How much do we lose that we never had because we never ask for it in the first place? How many friendships could have really gotten close if you would have taken the risk to tell someone you care about them? Caring about people is a risk. Telling them you care is more of a risk. Caring makes you vulnerable. Telling them you care lets them know you are vulnerable. A friend can hurt you so much more than an enemy can hurt your ego, but a friend can hurt your heart. So here i am bearing my are special to me...all of my friends that read have the ability to hurt my heart, but i'm telling you because i trust you never would purposely hurt amber, lauren, Am, heather, mark, krissy, tom, rachel, addrienne, and anyone else i might forget on this list. I love you guys...

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