Saturday, May 05, 2007

Why do we torture ourselves?

Why do single girls torture themselves by listening to sappy love songs, watching sappy chick flicks, and reading romance novels. Girls, here's how it goes, the perfect girl (usually perfect on the inside) gets the perfect guy and they live happily ever after...always. Then, the poor single girl that read/watched/listened walks away with a pit in her stomach wishing it could be her. How dumb is that??? It is never like that in real life, usually it is the mediocre girl gets the mediocre guy (who in her eyes IS perfect, which is how it should be), and they live together, having problems now and then. This world isn't making it any easier to be a single girl. Not that i am complaining. I am single ***big suprise*** and i am having fun. I'm not tied down to anyone. I don't have to meet them at a certain time, spend hours of my life "looking special" for that "special someone." I have time to go out with my friends when the phone rings, and sit around doing whatever for hours. When God sends *him* along, i will be excited about it, but until then, i'm having too much fun to spend time being sappy.

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