Sunday, December 02, 2007

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Everywhere i turn, Christmas is jumping out at me....and i love it! We decorated our floor with the theme, The Twelve Days of Christmas Maranatha will follow when everyone gets their doors decorated. In chapel we sing Christmas songs everyday, half of which i have never heard in my life, and at times leave me longing for something familiar, but its nice to hear the Christmas cheer. Christmas trees are EVERYWHERE, and they are so beautiful. I just love Christmas; it puts everyone in a good mood, its a great time to be able to go home, and it reminds us of the miracle of Christ birth. Honestly, what more could you ask for in a season?
Speaking of Christmas, i was a little nervous this year about gift money. My family has never been big on gifts, but i just really wanted to get everyone something this year. On Thursday night, Rachel and i were decorating the bathroom door with our amazing construction paper fire place (ok, since ur BEGGING me to put pics up of the amazing door my roommates and i decorated, i guess i can put those up early, so check out below) when a girl that lives across the hall from us asked us if we wanted to make money...after serious consideration that lasted about .352 seconds, we said yes, and she told us about a cleaning job that needed done. So, this morning Rachel and i got up...(yep, thats right we can get up on Saturdays if we try) and we were off to clean. We had no idea what or where we were cleaning, we just knew to meet in front of the welcome center at 8. Well, we learned we were cleaning a know like one of those houses that gets converted into a museum. At first i thought it was a museum for dust sculptures, but once we started cleaning, i saw that they had some pretty cool stuff. So we cleaned all morning, and then the owner of the cleaning business took all of us out to lunch and let us order whatever we wanted...i got some amazing mouth is watering just thinking about them... So, now i have money for Christmas presents and to go see NT II over break...can i do all that for fifty bucks?? I can if im thrifty ;-)

On a completely different topic, pray for all the students and faculty at BJ. They are having a small outbreak of whooping cough, and as a result they are ending the semester a week early. I called a friend of mine there to make sure he was still alive and healthy, which thankfully he was, and he filled me in on all of it. Pretty crazy stuff...Anyhow, it was really great talking to him...i really haven't kept in touch with people this semester like i should...sorry about that...its been busy. Well...miss everyone at home, and can't wait to see you over break...12 more sleeps!

Look its my amazing roommates in our first room pic of the semester...with our amazing door!And here's the bathroom door that Rachel and i decorated...Yay! for construction paper fireplaces

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