Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Time for Change

As the days of the semester dwindle and going home seems like an actual possibility, we begin to be restless. Homework is no longer a satisfying way to spend our time...not that it ever was..., so we begin to look for other things to do. That is just what happened last night when two of my roommates and i decided to rearrange our room. For 25 minutes we shoved furniture and discussed the best place for that alarm clock, or this chair to go. We climbed over beds, squeezed through tight spots made by the desk that had taken temporary residence in the middle of the room, and gawked at all the things that our bunk beds had been concealing. Through the whole process, we were kinda wondering what our missing roommate would think of the change. We tried to be as courteous as possible by keeping all her things in relative proximity to her bed, and just crossed our fingers and hoped she liked that we turned our room on end while she was out. Well, when she got back, she opened the door and i heard...o...wow...i couldn't tell if it was a good wow or not, so i just waited...about three seconds later, after she had taken it all in she threw her arms in the air and yelled I LOVE IT! I guess its a good thing we were all ready for a change...

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