Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Elation at insignificance

It's hard to believe that catching a glimpse of my own insignificance can put me in the state of elation that i currently find myself in. Tonight i was able to attend two meetings on campus that really showed me that while i can do something globaly for Christ, i can do nothing until i admit that im myself i am nothing. In myself, there is no strength that will accomplish great things, but when i yield myself to God, i can far surpass any dream or ambition i may have. God's put a lot on my heart, and i want to do it all. Why not? College is the only time in my life when im not going to be tied down, not tied down to a job, and not tied down to a family. When Paul wrote that he would have everyone to be single, this is what he was talking about. I want to do everything i can for God before i have other responsibilities. Even more than that, if i can't find time to serve and worship my Creator when my only true devotion ought to be to Him, when am i going to find time to devote to Him when other things in my life are demanding the majority of my attention. If i can't trust God now with something as insignificant as a school bill (albeit, it seems like a towering burden now) how will i trust him with the health, safety, and provision of my family. One thing i've learned about life at college, although not necessarily from a classroom setting, is always serve God in every way you can while you can because service to him now is preparation...preparation for that next place that God is going to call you to. If you take small steps toward it now, it is going to be far easier to reach than if you try to leap to it all at once. Please pray as i consider my summer. Camp is a definite possibility and hope. I also want to go on a missions trip. I want to go to NYC in March and/or Argentina in August. For all this to happen, God is going to have to open doors and provide in miraculous ways...and i know He can...

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