Saturday, September 13, 2008

When love is lost...and found again

The other day a friend of mine challenged me to think of one verse that tells us of Christ's love. I had a hard time thinking of one on the spot. I finally mumbled out Romans 5:8, but i had been really discouraged the last few weeks. I was looking all around me a the things that were wrong in my life, and it had blurred my vision from the amazing, breath taking love of God. Her question really cleared my vision a bit and showed me how meaningless the things here are. I realized that my skewed vision of the boundless love that God showers on us everyday was preventing me from allowing Him to use me as a channel to show His love to other people. Looking back i saw that the love of God that i used to have as a theme in my life was missing. I was treating my friends badly and caring only about myself, so I'm sorry. Love is something that never fails, and i did. Thankfully, my loving Father is teaching me again what love is. It's something that always welcomes you back with open arms.

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