Thursday, September 11, 2008

School started again

So, im a week or two into the semester, and im already feeling some of the wear and tear. Stressed does not begin to describe the way i've been feeling, but then again its the only one i can think of. I can't pull out the exact cause of my stress, but its been driving me crazy for a few days. Hopefully soon i can figure out what exactly is wrong with me :) As far as school goes (other than my stress attack), its been going relatively well. I haven't had any classes that made me want to die yet, unless its by boredom and of course i have some of that. It's also amazing to be back at my wisconsin church...i love the people here so much. And God is working so mightily there that i can see it on the peoples faces everytime we go. i started this feeling like i could stay up for another hour or so, but now im worries, i have a long break tomorrow, and i'll try to post then...goodnight :)

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Sprinkle Spangles said...

I loves you Mary and I hope your stress is eliminated soon :-) ~~~Am