Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sorely Disappointed :(

I recently received a book about the Holy Spirit, The God I Never Knew by Robert Morris. I was very excited because as I've written on here, I believe this is a member of the Godhead we miss. I started to read, and I got a little uneasy when the author went on about how the Holy Spirit as a distinct voice in our thoughts that over time we can learn to distinguish. My thought was "Yes, I believe that the Holy Spirit can guide our thoughts and bring Scripture to mind, but the Holy Spirit is NOT a schizophrenic voice in my head." I also believe it is biblical that tongues are a gift that God gave to the apostles before Scripture was completed, and since Scripture has been completed, it is a gift that has been done away with (as for tongues, they shall cease). This author does not feel this way, and participates in "Prophecy conferences" that aren't just studying prophecy given to us in Scripture. The author goes on to say that we must receive the Holy Spirit in an act different than that of salvation. My question to that is, how can I receive God at salvation, without receiving God (the Holy Spirit)? This book is one of the reasons for the story the author placed at the beginning about his wise pastor warning him to stay away from those who "talk about the Spirit." Was this book well written? besides a few glaring typos, yes. Was it an easy read? Fairly so. Was if biblically accurate? I declare an emphatic NO. I was sorely disappointed.

I received this book free as a part of the publisher's "Blogging for Books" program. I was not required to write a positive review.

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