Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Lights out came early

So the year has really started now. Last night we had a storm, and of course, like any time a squirrel trips over the power line, we lost power. It was a Monday night...you know, a study hours night. I am not going to take time here to explain the pointlessness and idiocy of study hours, but some day i will enlighten you as to why trying to study in a dorm of 40 girls when every girl is forced to be there is impossible. Anyway, last time i checked, the purpose of study hours, as futile as they may be is to study, so my friends and i went somewhere that homework could actually be accomplished. We tried to go to Buddy's, but the power outage was affecting them as well, so we tried Krystal's, but the only empty outlets were on the ceiling. Our final stop was McAlister's where one of the hundred other Crownies there gave up their outlet to let us plug in. I do have a suggestion for anyone out there that is considering getting WiFi for their establishment...GET MORE THAN ONE OUTLET!!!!!

Anyway, the power did come back on (much faster than normal), and all of my assingments were completed...i was up pretty late and i am exhausted, but they were done. And we did ind out the reason for the power outage on our way out when we almost hit the tree that had come down on the power lines. Well, i'm off to work and sick children. I did have a really good picture of a rainbow, but o well, it won't post.

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