Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Love is in the Air

A lot has happened since i got back to school. I've started work, got a C on my first test and measurements test, have gotten sick, and i've finally found a boyfriend. Ok, so maybe i haven't found the boyfriend yet (anyone who knows me knows that's not true, but if you're wondering why look at the pic...jk, i'm not feeling down and low right now, just a little sarcastic), and to be honest, i'm not really looking...eventually it'll happen, or a Baptist convent will open. However, not everyone is having my problem. My little brother, the one that has been here for about 3 weeks, has found a "friend." Yeah, he is one of those freshman who gets here and finds the love of his life in the first month. Just kidding, they aren't that bad, they are just "talking" a little, but as his sister it is my duty to pick on him a little. I am pretty sick right now, but of course i can't call in cause i have to go to work, which is the reason i am sick in the first place. Being sick is the reason i got a C on my Tests and measurements class, instead of going back to my dorm and reading the chapters, i went and slept...but trust me sleeping was almost worth getting a C (but not quite). I am also blaming the fact that this is a britton class, so pretty much everything is to blame except my lack of self-motivation

Anyhoo...i have a ton of reading to do, and not enough time in the day to do it, and i have to leave for work in about 30 min. LEAVE A COMMENT!!! SAY ANYTHING (within reason)!!! I feel like i am writing to myself...


markus said...

maybe u should promote ur blog a to other people///////

this is me commenting on ur blog..

what can i say........charles is a P.I.M.P

contrary mary said...

i do promote my blog, but no one likes me enough to comment...that and none of my friends have blogger accounts...and i don't think they plan on getting one any time soon....and watch what you're saying about my brother