Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Too tired to be held responsible!

So right now i am sitting at the library, and i am irritated. Maybe i'm easily irritated because i am cranky after being with children all day, or maybe it is because i am a tired college student who never gets any sleep, but sometimes i am just irritated by retarded ppl. Wow, you know you are tired when you randomly break out singing oldies in the middle of the library...whispering of course. Lauren just looked at me funny. No she's not the one irritating me, and Amber's not here, she's working. It's wierd without her here...kinda like we have an imposter for a third or something.

This picture is just one i liked (well except for heather's eyes being closed). Heather and Amber are awesome. I am going to miss them so much when they graduate. They are such punks they think that just because they got here a year before me they can leave a year before me. Just kidding love 'em to death.

So today i got my evaluation at work. It was really pretty good, but i don't think i am getting a raise. Boo!!! I got mostly excellents and a few satisfactories, but that's life.

Ok well, i am at the library so i guess i should get some studying done...ugh. O yeah! Lauren agrees with me on the whole Milky Way is so much better than snickers thing.

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