Friday, November 17, 2006

I wanna go home

I want to go home so bad. Maybe its cause i haven't been home since august or maybe because i don't get to go home till Christmas, or maybe because everyone else is getting ready to go home for Thanksgiving and i am staying here. Maybe cause my church website is back up and full of pictures from home. Maybe cause i talked to my youth director yesterday, and i miss everyone at home. I don't know, but i am more homesick now than i have been ever before in my college career. When my parents dropped me off i was ready, i have never waited with anticipation for the end of the semester, and i love coming back every year, but right now i don't want to be here, and i don't want to be anywhere but home. I want to see my dog and my parents (maybe even in that order) and my church and my friends, and snow, and my grandparents, and my room, and my neighborhood, and everything else in PA!! Ok, so i know this is totally lame....i wanna go home!


Adrienne said...

Oh Mary, we miss you too!

markus said...

So sad,,,,,at least your not in a hotel by yourself...waiting for your parents to come get you....when you could be at home with friends!!!!!!!!!!!!